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I've just started a blog on Wordpress - identical to this one, really, but with some extra functionality. Eventually I'll close one of them down but what's immediately apparent is that whereas the blogspot site features on Google searches the wordpress one doesn't. That might be due to Google's search engine optimisation not working instantly (so I'll check back tomorrow) but might mean that wordpress has its limits - no point in a site if Google doesn't pick it up. We'll see. For both sites I've updated my sales list (I hesitate to call it a bibliography). The wordpress site is  here
Recent posts

Science Fiction Concatenation

New book reviews up at SF Concatenation . This time around I looked at The Gradual by Christopher Priest, The Divine Madness of Philip K Dick and Dominion by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard. Not just my stuff up there - plenty of news, reviews and other things. Check it out!
I've a short story in a new anthology out soonish called One Step Beyond. Available online in most places including Amazon for an introductory 99c I've also got numerous reviews up on SF Concatenation  such as this one on the rather splendid Long Dark Dusk by JP Smythe and this one on Kazuaki Takani's Extinction. I'll be posting a few new short stories around the web in the next few weeks.
Since my last post back in the age of steam driven PCs I've been writing (got an MA in Creative Writing, went to a cool US six week workshop called Odyssey and learned loads) publishing some (eg in Nebula Rift and at Perihelion SF I've also been working in Africa working with a fantastic bunch of people at Pump Aid who help disadvantaged rural communities in Malawi with clean water. I've also been running a lot - Paris Marathon next week (hopefully - fingers crossed). Joined a running club and everything! Now I ache ALL the time!

Helix is enjoyable pants

sold a short story to Perihelion Science Fiction yesterday - very happy. Will post a link when it actually gets published. This week I'm hoping to finish the first draft of my novel but a streaming head cold is getting in the way of any kind of sensible thinking (so I may not actually manage too many proper joined up sentences). Watched the first two episodes of the new SyFy series Helix last night - don't they have any proper scientists advising them? Still, that's just details. Deadly pathogen loose n the arctic in a base with guys with scary eyes? What's not to like.