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some short updates

Since my last post I have:

  • been to (and through) the Odyssey workshop in Manchester, New Hampshire where I met loads of great writers and may even have learned something (though the proof will be in the publications);
  • completed (and now, it seems, been awarded) my MA in Creative Writing from Brunel University in West London where I met loads more great writers (both on and off the teaching staff) and may well have learned something more (though, y'know, I don't think Brunel was quite as obsessed with commas as the Odyssey folk);
  • picked up another Writers of the Future Honourable Mention;
  • Joined the CODEX writers group;
  • submitted very little to anywhere (and that has to stop. Or start. Whatever.);
  • been globetrotting. Just back from Zimbabwe via Malawi. Lots of story material there.
Now I have to finish the novel I started for my MA dissertation. I'm about 50,000 words in, which is around half the novel, but I've had to put it down for a few weeks to concentrate on other things which has broken my momentum. My revised aim is to complete my first full draft by the end of January, but I need to sort out some short stories too so I'll be busy. As part of the Odyssey process we had to deliver a new story every week for six weeks for ritual sacrifice, and as a result I have some almost ready things to polish and send out. I just need to polish them and send them out! 


  1. Ha! Mark, you should've used this as your intro for the Milford group. Look forward to actually meeting you in September. Sue Oke.


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