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Brief update from me now - more later hopefully. Two sales since the last post - Stupefying Stories and Nebula Rift - will post when published. Loads of short stories out with various markets trying to find good homes. Last year I spent most of my time in Africa (Malawi and Zimbabwe) working with a charity (Pump Aid) which helps poor rural communities with clean water. That didn't leave much time for writing (though I feel a Malawi based SF story brewing nicely in my head), though I did manage to do NANOWRIMO. I now have three almost completed novels and this year I'm going to finish them (honest). Also managed a couple of short stories which I took to the Milford workshop in September. I know, not much. But I got distracted, for instance by taking up the editorship of Mensa UK's Creative Writing group magazine, Folio, and doing reviews for the SF Concatenation webzine.

Lots to unpick there - will do that in later posts.